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Was rated as advanced enterprises, county plastic woven industry by the county people's government awarded the honorary title of key industrial enterprises and large taxpayer.
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The most advanced large circular loom production line and color printing compound machine equipment
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Zhejiang Huaqing Group Ltd. propionate plastic factory was founded in September 1998, it holds many lessons for the establishment of 13 plants, 11 subsidiaries, located in Xiaojiang Town, Pingyang County, the New Century Boulevard. It covers an area of 90,000 square meters, construction area of 60,000 square meters. Employees 2008 people, your business industry, specializing in the production of plastic bags. . Registered capital of 75 million yuan, working capital of 200 million. It has 65 round looms production line 1500 circular loom, and has granulator, printing machine, sewing machine, packing machine is recovered from a particle to pack bags full of plastic bags manufacturer, production bags near 3500 tons (equivalent to 50 million m) Nissan bags 120 tons (equivalent to 1.5 million meters). 2005 production value of nearly 30.5 billion, and paid taxes 19 million...
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